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Universal may refer to:

  • 1 Companies and organizations
  • 2 Music
  • 3 Social science
  • 4 Other uses
  • 5 See also
Companies and organizations
  • NBCUniversal, a media and entertainment company
    • Universal Studios, an American film studio, and subsidiary of NBCUniversal
    • Universal Channel, a television channel owned by NBCUniversal
  • Universal Music Group, a family of record labels
    • Universal Records, a record label owned by UMG, founded in 1995
  • Universal Edition, a classical music publishing firm, founded in Vienna in 1901
  • Universal Airlines (disambiguation)
  • Universal Avionics, a manufacturer of flight control components
  • Universal Corporation, an American tobacco company
  • Universal Entertainment Corporation, Japanese software producer and video game producer
  • Universal Genève, a Swiss watch company
  • Universal Gym Equipment
  • Universal Helicopters, a commercial helicopter company
  • Universal Magazines, Australian publisher of magazines and websites
  • Universal Records (Philippines), a record label in the Philippines, founded in 1977
  • Universal Stereo, a radio station
  • Universal Television, a Somali television station
  • Universal Weather and Aviation, an aviation products and services company
  • Universal Sufi Festival, an annual Sufi festival takes place at Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Universal (band), a 1990s Australian boy band
  • Universal (Borknagar album)
  • Universal (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark album), 1996
  • Universal (Troll album)
  • Universal (U.K. Subs album), 2002
  • Universal (YFriday album), 2006
  • "The Universal", a 1995 song by Blur
  • "The Universal" (Small Faces song), 1968
  • "Universal" (OMD song), 1996
Social science
  • Universal (metaphysics)
  • Universal (Esperantido), a constructed language
  • Universal history
  • Linguistic universal, a statement that applies to all languages
  • Cultural universal, a trait common to all cultures
  • The religious origin of the term Catholicism
Other uses
  • Universal (act), a type of official or legal proclamation
  • Universal, Indiana, United States
  • HTC Universal, a Pocket PC phone
  • Universal property, a statement in category theory about isomorphic systems
  • Computationally universal, a concept related to Turing completeness in computability theory
  • Universal certificate, a rating administered by the British Board of Film Classification
  • The "Universal," an oxygen rebreather designed for use with the Sladen Suit
  • A Universal role-playing game system is one that is designed for use with many or all genres
  • Universal quantification
  • Universal slitter, slitter rewinder for roll slitting

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