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IAESTE Iran, which is a branch of IAESTE at the University of Tehran in Iran, was first established in 1965 by the ministry of science.

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At the time of IAESTE Iran''s founding, Japan and Iran were the only Asian members in IAESTE. Many universities and companies were involved in the student exchange program for practical training. IAESTE activities in Iran continued until 1978 when it was terminated under the Islamic Revolution.

Later, in 2002, when Dr. Masoud Motavalli from EMPA (Switzerland) was giving a speech at the University of Tehran, he suggested that University of Tehran can send students abroad for practical training through IAESTE. IAESTE was a new name at that time and no record was available from previous activities.

This idea was then followed by Dr. Mohammad Shekarchi and by hard efforts of Dr. Parviz Jabehdar, Mr. Alireza Mohanna, Dr. Maryam Farahani and Dr. Rouhollah Alizadeh, an application was submitted to the IAESTE International which was accepted in July 2002. University of Tehran became a new co-operating institute. Attending the 55th IAESTE general conference in Bangkok, Thailand, Iran exchanged 20 offers with 13 countries, even more than some established members. The number of students exchanged increased to almost 100 students at the next conferences.

Logo of IAESTE

In 2005, because of the extensive hard work by the University of Tehran and the development of a well organized committee, Iran became an associate member through the presentation of Dr. Maryam Farahani.

4 years later, in 2009, after so much improvement in the whole function of the NC, especially in statistical records, through stability of the Committee in handling and managing its affairs based on IAESTE international bylaws and standards, and by the devotion of its staff member, Ms. Marjan(n) Farahani, as the Office Manager of this committee who was joined in 2005 to add up to the innovations, creations and the whole function of the services of the National Committee in a high and successful level both nationally and internationally, and by her excellent negotiation skills through her presented lecture about Iran in the AC - Annual Conference - held in Warsaw, Poland, IAESTE Iran''s application was accepted and it became a full member by receiving 98% of votes from 50 present full member countries at the conference.

Despite the negative press of Iran in the international media (such as human rights and nuclear program), many students from different countries visit and enjoy the land and culture through their traineeship with IAESTE. Iranian students also broaden their horizon by traveling abroad.

How it works

Students who want to pass a traineeship abroad in the next summer, have to apply for IAESTE traineeship the year before from November to January. Each year after the General Conference which is held in January, IAESTE Iran will receive a list of available traineeships in various fields and different countries.

Then, the scientific committee selects the appropriate students from applicants according to their resume. For each offer of training two or three students are nominated. The final nominee is selected after an oral English interview.

There would be an official communication between IAESTE committee of Iran and host country for work permits and visa. Final approval is announced after receiving the acceptance from the host country.

Normally, 60 and 30 percent of offers are in engineering and science subjects respectively. The duration of the offers is between 8 to 12 weeks. Sometimes long-term offers are available up to 6 months.

The student committee of IAESTE Iran is responsible for various activities mainly concerned with the IAESTE trainees who come to Iran. The duties include obtaining visa, pick up & drop off from/to the airport, introducing life in the city, connection with the host companies, social events/gatherings and local trips. Each IAESTE trainee has a direct Iranian student as mentor.

National Committee''s secretariat of IAESTE Iran is now located at the University of Tehran. Ms. Marjan(n) Farahani is the current Adviser of the committee under authorisation of Dr. Mohammad Shekarchi. And, Dr. Maryam Farahani has been elected as the FoIN Coordinator of IAESTE International since 2005.

List of Iranian participating universities

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