Constitutionalist Party of Iran

حزب مشروطه ایران (لیبرال دموکرات)

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حزب مشروطه ایران (لیبرال دموکرات) تعریف

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Constitutionalist Party of Iran Leader Founder Founded Preceded by Headquarters Ideology Political position Religion International affiliation Colours Website
Foad Pashaie
Dariush Homayoon
1908 (1908) (historical) 1994 (1994) (modern)
Rastakhiz Party (not legal pedecessor)
Los Angeles, United States
Monarchism Democratic liberalism Liberalism
International Monarchist League
Politics of Iran Political parties Elections

The Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Persian: حزب مشروطه ايران - لیبرال دموکرات‎) is a liberal democratic party founded in 1994 (originally as the Constitutional Movement of Iran) and is based in exile. The party favors a constitutional monarchy in Iran but is not opposed to a republic based on referendum.

The other party with this name was founded in 1908 after Iranian Constitutional Revolution.

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