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دانشگاه صدا و سیما Dāneshgāh-e Sedā va Simā
1969; 45 years ago (1969)
Ali asghar Gholamrezaei
Tehran, Iran
Advanced School of TV and Cinema Technical Training Center

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting University (Persian: دانشگاه صدا و سیما‎) is a public University in Tehran, Iran. It is affiliated to Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and also has campuses in Qom and Dubai.

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The first name of the institution was the Technical Training Center, which was later changed to IRIB University. In 1982 diploma''s in production were promoted to bachelor''s degrees and in 1995 and 1996 degree''s in technical engineering and film production were added. In 1997 a communications degree was created to join together academic disciplines.

IRIB also established a broadcasting school in Qom in 1997 which teaches up to degree level.

  • Faculty of TV & Radio Productions
Majors: TV Directing(Dramatic and Documentary), Producers(Dramatic and Documentary), Radio(Writer and Producer), Playing international Instrument
  • Faculty of Broadcast Engineering
Majors: Electrical Technician(Sound and Video and Transmitter), Electrical Engineering, Sound EngineeringMajors: Communication(News and Radio), Research in the Communication, Advertising and Marketing, Radio and TV Journalism
  • Faculty of Digital Arts
Majors: TV and Digital Arts(Graphic and Animation)
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Media
Majors: Media Management, Religion and Media, Dramatic Literature
  • Faculty of Media Applied Science and Technology
Majors: Media, Sound, IT, Media Relations, Journalism, Animation, cinematography, Film Production, Financial Accounting, Cultural Affairs, Codification, Media Engineering, IT in Media Engineering

  • 1st Conference on Broadcast Engineering 2005
  • 2nd Conference on Broadcast Engineering 2007
  • 3rd Conference on Broadcast Engineering 2009
  • 4th Conference on Broadcast Engineering 2011
Notable alumni
  • Behrooz Afkhami

  • Pouran Derakhshandeh

  • Bahman Ghobadi

  • Hossein Jafarian

  • Jafar Panahi

  • Parviz Shahbazi

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