Azari style (Iranian architecture)

سبک آذری (معماری ایران)

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سبک آذری (معماری ایران) تعریف

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The "Azeri style" (شیوه معماری آذری) is a style (sabk) of architecture when categorizing Iranian architecture development in Iranian Azerbaijan history. Landmarks of this style of architecture span from the late 13th century (Ilkhanate) to the appearance of the Safavid Dynasty in the 16th century CE.

Examples of this style are Soltaniyeh, Arg-i Alishah, Jameh Mosque of Varamin, Goharshad Mosque, Bibi Khanum mosque in Samarqand, tomb of Abdas-Samad, Gur-e Amir, Jameh mosque of Yazd.


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