Corruption in Iran

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(Wikipedia) - The Islamic Republic of Iran suffers from widespread corruption. tion is a problem in Islamic Republic of Iran.According to Transparency International, which publishes the annual Corruption Perception Index, in 2009 Iran fell from 141st on the list of 180 countries to eighth from bottom – one of the most marked declines. Reformists and conservatives alike - at times even the Supreme Leader. - routinely criticize corruption in the government.President Ahmadinejad has vouched to fight "economic/oil Mafia" at all echelons of government. President Ahmadinejad has also proposed that lawmakers consider a bill, based on which the wealth and property of all officials who have held high governmental posts since 1979 could be investigated. Many Iranians believe the country's economic problems are a byproduct of mismanagement and corruption. Bribery Cronyism Kleptocracy Economics of corruption Electoral fraud Nepotism Slush fund Political scandal Afghanistan Albania Angola Armenia Bahrain Chile China Colombia Congo Cuba Ghana India Indonesia Iran Ireland Kenya Kyrgyzstan Nigeria Pakistan Papua New Guinea Paraguay Philippines Russia South Africa Ukraine United States Venezuela Zimbabwe v t e Crime in Iran Smuggling in Iran History of the Islamic Republic of Iran Supreme Audit Court of Iran Islamic Revolutionary Court 2011 Iranian embezzlement scandal Economy of Iran Government of Iran v t e Prehistory Proto-Elamite civilization BCE 3200– BCE 2800 Elamite dynasties BCE 2800– BCE 550 Bactria-Margiana Complex BCE 2200– BCE 1700 Kingdom of Mannai BCE 10th– BCE 7th cent. Median Empire BCE 728– BCE 550 Achaemenid Empire BCE 550– BCE 330 Seleucid Empire BCE 330– BCE 150 Greco-Bactrian Kingdom BCE 250– BCE 125 Parthian Empire BCE 248–CE 224 Kushan Empire CE 30–CE 275 Sassanid Empire CE 224–CE 651 Hephthalite Empire CE 425–CE 557 Patriarchal Caliphate 637–651 Umayyad Caliphate 661–750 Abbasid Caliphate 750–1258 Tahirid dynasty 821–873 Alavid dynasty 864–928 Saffarid dynasty 861–1003 Samanid dynasty 819–999 Ziyarid dynasty 928–1043 Buyid dynasty 934–1055 Ghaznavid Empire 975–1187 Ghori dynasty 1149–1212 Seljuk

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