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The counties of Iran, also called shahrestan (Persian: شهرستان shahrestān‎), are administrative divisions of larger provinces (ostan). The word Shahrestan comes from the Persian words shahr and stan, meaning city (or town) and province (or state) respectively. County, therefore, is a near equivalent of Shahrestan in English.

Iranian counties are divided into one or more bakhsh (Persian: بخش bakhsh‎), or districts. A typical county includes both cities (Persian: شهر shahr‎) and rural agglomerations (Persian: دهستان dehestān‎), which are groupings of adjacent villages. One city within the county serves as the capital of that county.

Each county has a governmental office known as Farmandari which coordinates different events and governmental agencies. The Farmandar, or the head of Farmandari, is the governor of the county and is the highest governmental authority in the division.

Among the provinces of Iran, Fars has the highest number of Shahrestans with 23, while Semnan and South Khorasan have only 4 Shahrestans each; Qom uniquely has one, being coextensive with its namesake county. In 2005, Iran had 324 Shahrestans.



To better understand these subdivisions, the following table is useful. Assume that province P is divided into two counties: A and B. County A has 3 districts: Central, X, and Y. The Central district is the district that contains City M, the capital of the county. Each district contains one or more cities and/or one or more RAs (rural agglomerations). In our example, the Central district contains City M, City N, and RA T, which is composed of the villages V1, V2, V3, and V4; district X contains City O and RA U; and district Y has no cities and one RA V. The minimal county consists of only one city as the only district, named Central, of course. The county B in the following table is of such type, containing only one city Q.

Ostan (Province) Shahrestan (County) District City / RA* Villages
P A Central City M (c)
City N
RA T V1, V2, V3, V4
X City O
RA U V5, V6
Y RA V V7, V8, V9
B Central City Q

The counties are listed below, by province:

Alborz Province
  • Eshtehard County
  • Karaj County
  • Nazarabad County
  • Savojbolagh County
  • Taleghan County
Ardabil Province Bushehr Province Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province East Azerbaijan Province Isfahan Province
  • Aran-o-Bidgol County
  • Ardestan County
  • Borkhar-o-Meymeh County
  • Chadegan County
  • Falavarjan County
  • Fereydan County
  • Fereydunshahr County
  • Golpayegan County
  • Isfahan County
  • Kashan County
  • Khansar County
  • Khomeinishahr County
  • Lenjan County
  • Lower Semirom County
  • Mobarakeh County
  • Nain County
  • Najafabad County
  • Natanz County
  • Semirom County
  • Shahreza County
  • Shahinshahr o Meymeh County
  • Tiran-o-Korun County
Fars Province
  • Abadeh County
  • Arsanjan County
  • Bavanat County
  • Darab County
  • Eqlid County
  • Estahban County
  • Farashband County
  • Fasa County
  • Firuzabad County
  • Gerash County
  • Jahrom County
  • Kavar County
  • Kazerun County
  • Kherameh County
  • Khonj County
  • Khorrambid County
  • Lamerd County
  • Larestan County
  • Mamasani County
  • Marvdasht County
  • Mehr County
  • Neyriz County
  • Pasargad County
  • Qir-o-Karzin County
  • Rostam County
  • Sarvestan County
  • Sepidan County
  • Shiraz County
  • Zarrindasht County
Gilan Province Golestan Province
  • Aliabad County
  • Aqqala County
  • Azadshahr County
  • Bandar-e-gaz County
  • Bandar-e-Torkaman County
  • Galikash County
  • Gomishan County
  • Gonbad-e-Kavus County
  • Gorgan County
  • Kolaleh County
  • Kordkuy County
  • Maravehtapeh County
  • Minudasht County
  • Ramian County
Hamadan Province
  • Asadabad County
  • Bahar County
  • Hamadan County
  • Kabudrahang County
  • Malayer County
  • Nahavand County
  • Razan County
  • Tuyserkan County
Hormozgan Province
  • Abumusa County
  • Bandar-Abbas County
  • Bandar-Lengeh County
  • Bastak County
  • Gavbandi County
  • Hajiabad County
  • Jask County
  • Khamir County
  • Minab County
  • Qeshm County
  • Rudan County
Ilam Province
  • Abdanan County
  • Darrehshahr County
  • Dehloran County
  • Eyvan County
  • Ilam County
  • Malekshahi County
  • Mehran County
  • Shirvan-o-Chardavol County
Kerman Province
  • Anar County
  • Anbarabad County
  • Arzuiyeh County
  • Baft County
  • Bam County
  • Bardsir County
  • Fahraj County
  • Ghaleye-Ganj County
  • Jiroft County
  • Kahnuj County
  • Kerman County
  • Kuhbonan County
  • Manujan County
  • Rabar County
  • Rafsanjan County
  • Ravar County
  • Reygan County
  • Roudbar-e-Jonub County
  • Shahr-e-Babak County
  • Sirjan County
  • Zarand County
Kermanshah Province
  • Dalaho County
  • Gilan-e-gharb County
  • Harsin County
  • Islamabad-e-gharb County
  • Javanrud County
  • Kangavar County
  • Kermanshah County
  • Paveh County
  • Qasr-e-Shirin County
  • Ravansar county
  • Sahneh County
  • Sarpol-e-Zahab County
  • Solas-e-Babajani County
  • Sonqor County
Khuzestan Province Kohgeluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province
  • Basht County
  • Bahmai County
  • Boyer-Ahmad County
  • Charam County
  • Dena County
  • Gachsaran County
  • Kohgeluyeh County
Kordestan Province
  • Baneh County
  • Bijar County
  • Dehgolan County
  • Divandarreh County
  • Kamyaran County
  • Marivan County
  • Qorveh County
  • Sannandaj County
  • Saqqez County
  • Sarvabad County
Lorestan Province
  • Aligudarz County
  • Azna County
  • Borujerd County
  • Delfan County
  • Dorud County
  • Doureh County
  • Khorramabad County
  • Kuhdasht County
  • Poldokhtar County
  • Selseleh County
Markazi Province
  • Ashtian County
  • Arak County
  • Delijan County
  • Khomein County
  • Khondab County
  • Komeijan County
  • Mahallat County
  • Saveh County
  • Shazand County
  • Tafresh County
  • Zarandieh County
Mazandaran Province North Khorasan Province
  • Bojnurd County
  • Esfarayen County
  • Faroj County
  • Germeh County
  • Jajrom County
  • Maneh-o-Samalqan County
  • Shirvan County
Qazvin Province
  • Abyek County
  • Alborz County
  • Buin-Zahra County
  • Qazvin County
  • Takestan County
Qom Province
  • Qom County
Razavi Khorasan Province
  • Bajestan County
  • Bardaskan County
  • Chenaran County
  • Dargaz County
  • Davarzan County
  • Fariman County
  • Firuzeh County
  • Gonabad County
  • Jowayin County
  • Joghatai County
  • Kalat County
  • Kashmar County
  • Khaf County
  • Khalilabad County
  • Khoshab County
  • Mahvelat County
  • Mashhad County
  • Nishapur County
  • Quchan County
  • Rashtkhar County
  • Sabzevar County
  • Sarakhs County
  • Takht-e-Jolgeh County
  • Taybad County
  • Torghabe-o-Shandiz County
  • Torbat-e-Jam County
  • Torbat-e-Heydarieh County
  • Zave County
Semnan Province Sistan and Baluchestan Province South Khorasan Province
  • Birjand County
  • Boshruyeh County
  • Darmian County
  • Ferdows County
  • Khusf County
  • Nehbandan County
  • Qaen County
  • Sarayan County
  • Sarbisheh County
  • Tabas County
  • Zirkouh County
Tehran Province West Azerbaijan Province Yazd Province
  • Abarkuh County
  • Ardekan County
  • Bafq County
  • Bahabad County
  • Khatam County
  • Mehriz County
  • Meybud County
  • Sadugh County
  • Taft County
  • Yazd County
Zanjan Province
  • Abhar County
  • Eejrud County
  • Khodabandeh County
  • Khorramdarreh County
  • Mahneshan County
  • Tarom County
  • Zanjan County

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