Futsal in Iran

فوتسال در ایران

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(Wikipedia) - Futsal in Iran

Futsal in Iran is conducted under the aegis of the Futsal Commission of the Islamic Republic of Iran Football Federation. Futsal is a popular and growing sport in the country.

Iran has a strong national futsal team, which has won all the editions of Asian Futsal Championship except one. Iran''s nationwide Futsal Super League is considered as the strongest futsal league in Asia and currently Iran''s Shensa FSC holds the continent''s Futsal Club Championship title.

Iran has some of the best futsal players in the continent and also in the world including Vahid Shamsaee, world''s top international futsal scorer with over 330 goals scored so far.

Futsal teams in Iran partly enjoy their success due to the style of soccer played outside, Gol Koochik, which means small goal. The goal is ca. 100x60cm and the ball is light-weight. This is the kind of soccer many Iranians play. Great dribbling skills are needed and players need to learn to maneuver the ball quickly.

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