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(MNA - Wikipedia) -The official report on Internet status in Iran by March 2012 indicates the influence rate is 43 percent, with 32.7 million users nationwide, 14.3 millions (18.9 %) connected to GPRS on their cellphones as the most common connection type, 4.5 millions of them connected through broadband ADSL, and about 860 thousands have access to wimax connection.In 1993 Iran became the second country in the Middle East to be connected to the Internet, and since then the government has made significant efforts to improve the nation's ICT infrastructure. Iran's national Internet connectivity infrastructure is based on two major networks: the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and the public data network. The PSTN provides a connection for end-users to Internet service providers (ISPs) over mostly digital lines and supports modem-based connections. The Data Communication Company of Iran (DCI), a subsidiary of TCI, operates the public data network.

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