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Commercial air show
Kish International Airport
26°31′34″N 53°58′49″E / 26.5261°N 53.9802°E / 26.5261; 53.9802Coordinates: 26°31′34″N 53°58′49″E / 26.5261°N 53.9802°E / 26.5261; 53.9802
aerobatic displays static displays
Kish Free Zone Organization
Iran Airshow

The Iran Airshow is an aviation airshow held in Kish, Iran. Its first airshow was in 2002 on Kish island, where 11 foreign companies participated from France, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Britain, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy, Pakistan, Slovakia and Switzerland. Its second airshow was held in 2005. One hundred companies participated, making the airshow nearly five times larger than in 2002. Because of this success in 2005, it was decided to launch another airshow in the year after. Downplaying U.S. sanctions on Iran, during the 2005 airshow, Iran signed a $980 million contract for the purchase of 25 Fokker aircraft with the Dutch company. The foreign participating countries in 2005 included France, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Malaysia, Britain, Australia, Germany and United Arab Emirates.

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Air shows # Place Date Details
1 Kish, Iran 30-10-2002 until 3-11-2002 26 international and Iraniran aviation companies participated.
2 Kish, Iran 18-01-2005 until 21-01-2005 100 international and Iraniran aviation companies participated.
3 Kish, Iran 24-11-2006 until 1-12-2006
4 Kish, Iran 28-10-2008 until 31-10-2008
5 Kish, Iran 9-11-2010 until 12-11-2010 Representatives from more than 120 international aviation companies, including companies based in the United States, the United Kingdom and Italy, reportedly are expected to attend.
6 Kish, Iran 11-12-2012 until 14-12-2012 A large number of domestic companies active in the aviation, aerospace, airlines and the other related industries and universities as well as foreign companies took part at the fourth Iran Kish Air Show and exhibited a vast range of products, systems and services in the aviation and air space fields. These events received a warm welcome from the trades and specialists.
7 Kish, Iran 2014 "TBA" TBA
Iranian market See also: Iran Aviation Industries Organization

In 2010, Iran''s Defense Ministry said it will begin the production phase of a domestically-manufactured medium-size passenger plane designed to carry up to 150 passengers. With a population of 70 million, Iran needs to have 6,300 airplanes while it does not possess more than nine aircraft for every one million individuals.

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