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Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
Tehran, Iran
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Channel 2 (شبكه دو in Persian), is one of the 20 national television channels in Iran.

It was the first television channel established in Iran, created in 1958. As Iran''s population grew, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting decided to introduce a new channel, hoping it to be a compliment to Channel 1.

The channel has programming similar to Channel 1, consisting of mini-series, comedies, movies, children''s shows, talk shows, and news broadcasts.

Popular programs
  • Fitile Jomeh Tatileh
  • Saate Khosh
  • Sandalie Dagh
  • Varzeshe 2
  • Khaneye Sabz
  • Hamsaran
  • Dar Panahe To
  • Pedarsalar
  • Dae Jang Geum (2008)
  • Road to Avonlea
  • Hanekonma
  • Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
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