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September, 27, 480 B.C.:
The Battle Of Salamis

After taking care of the revolts in Egypt and Babylon, Xerxes turned towards Greece which was interfering in the areas in Persian realm using a hit and run tactic. Xerxes deployed a great army accompanied by a fleet of naval forces to Greece and soon after crushing a resistance in Thermopylae entere... Read Full Article:

September, 27, 480 B.C.:
Persians Capture Athens

King Dariush the Great was preparing for an expedition to Greece before he died in November 486. His son Xerxes succeeded him and as soon as he suppressed rebellions in Egypt and Babylon, a large army of 600,000 was gathered at Sardes to start an expedition towards west. After victories in Artemisiu... Read Full Article:

September, 27, 635 A.D.:
The Battle Of Qadesiya

The battle of Qadesiya was a decisive victory for the Muslim Arabs in 14 AH in the time of Caliph Omar. Qadesiya was a small village by Euphrates near Kufa. In this battle, the famous Iranian flag was lost which was a great dishonor for the Iranian army. Until this time the Arab invaders were not ta... Read Full Article:

September, 27, 1942 A.D.:
U.S. Founds Iranian Military Mission

The United States founds the Iranian military mission in order to supply necessities of the British troops in the Persian Gulf alongside streaming supplies to the Soviets. Hitler declared war on U.S. on Dec, 11, 1941, Three months before that, Britain had asked the U.S. to supply locomotives and wag... Read Full Article:

September, 27, 1981 A.D.:
Iranian Armed Forces Break Siege of Abadan

Operation Samen-ol-A'emeh (Operation Eight Imam) was an offensive of the Iran-Iraq war between 27 September-29 September 1981 where Iran broke the Iraqi Siege of Abadan. Diversionary Attack On September 22, 1981, Iran began their first successful offensive against Iraq, in order to break the Siege o... Read Full Article:

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