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September, 24, 514 B.C.:
Persian Army Passes Bosphorus

Units of Persian army passed the strait of Bosphorus near the area where Constantinople was built later. The expedition aimed to drive back Scythians from across the Danube river. Scythians were Arians who migrated from Central Asia. Some of them settled in Sekestan, the rest moved to southern Russi... Read Full Article:

September, 24, 1736 A.D.:
Treaty of Istanbul Signed Between Iran and Ottoman Empire

Treaty of Constantinople was a treaty between Ottoman Empire and Afsharid Persia signed on September 24, 1736, ending the Afsharid–Ottoman War (1730–35). Background Treaty of Ahmet Pasha (1732) between the two countries had been f... Read Full Article:

September, 24, 1918 A.D.:
Civil Registration Office Founded

Within the body of the ministry of internal affairs, an office for registration of four main events: Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce was founded. The office initially started distributing birth certificates among citizens in Tehran. On June, 14, 1925, a law was passed which obligated every citiz... Read Full Article:

September, 24, 2015 A.D.:
Timeline of Iranian History from Ancient Persia to the Islamic Republic

Dynasty, Ruler or Event Begin End Birth of Zoroaster Sometime between 10th and 7th century BCE Achaemenian Dynasty Cyrus the Great 559 BCE 530 BCE First to extend Persian empire Builder of Pasargad Killed in battle by Queen Tomyris of the Massagetaes 530 BCE Tomb at Pasargad Cambyses (son o... Read Full Article:

Periods of the Iranian/Persian History by Dynasties