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Xerxes Pardons Jews For Esther... 04/02/479BC History
A hero to one nation may well be a sucker to another; and that's the case for Alexander the Great. After the battle of Gaugamela, Dariush 3d retreat...View Details»

The Battle Of Plataea... 27/08/479BC History
After Athens was captured, Xerxes was assured of a decisive victory and retreated to deal with an uprising in Babylon. He left general Mardonius in ch...View Details»

The Battle Of Mycale... 27/08/479BC History
After an alliance between Greeks and Spartans, many Ionian cities began revolting. Sacking of Athens was marked as "mission accomplished" as punishmen...View Details»

The Battle Of Amos... 21/10/479BC History
Only a year after the battle of Salamis which ended with great damage, the Iranian navy entrapped three rows of Greek battleships in the Cape of Mikai...View Details»