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Sultan Hossein Ascends The Throne... 06/08/1694 History
On his dead bed, Shah Soleyman asked the royal Safavi court to choose one of his two sons Hossein or Abbas as his successor. Hossein who had a reputat...View Details»

Safavid Hossein Becomes King... 06/08/1694 History
Sultan Hossein, the eldest son of the deceased king Shah Soleyman was announced the new Safavid king. In his last will, Shah Soleyman who ruled the co...View Details»

Death of Suleiman I of Persia... 29/07/1694 History
Eighth Safavid king Shah Soleyman died on July 29, 1694 at Isfahan, either as a result of heavy drinking or gout. Shah Safi II , better known by his ...View Details»