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Epic Fall Of Safavid Capital Isfahan... 12/10/1722 History
After a long siege Isfahan surrendered to Afghan forces. The people of Kandahar had been loyal Iranians until 1709 when due to weakness in leadership ...View Details»

Darband Captured By Russians... 23/08/1722 History
The declining Safavi dynasty gave Russians the opportunity to invade Persian territory. A quest that challenged Persian hegemony in the region and lat...View Details»

Safavid Army Defeated at the Battle of Gulnabad ... 08/03/1722 History
The Battle of Gulnabad (Sunday, March 8, 1722) was fought between the military forces from Afghanistan and the army of the Safavid Empire. The battle ...View Details»

Royal Army Defeated By Ghilzai Chieftains... 08/03/1722 History
The uprising of Mahmoud Ghandahari which was provoked by India was the prelude to the downfall of the Safavid dynasty. While Sultan Hossein was entert...View Details»