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Mirza Reza Kermani Hanged... 11/08/1897 History
Mirza Reza Kermani was the person who assassinated Naseroddin Shah of Qajar dynasty on May, 1, 1986. While the Shah was paying a visit to the Abdolazi...View Details»

Death of Jamal ad-Din Asadabadi: Assassination or Cancer? ... 09/03/1897 History
Sayyid Jamāl ad-Dīn al-Afghānī (Persian: سید جمال‌‌ الدین افغاني‎), also known as Sayyid Jamāl ad-Dīn Asadābādī (Persian: سید جمال‌‌ الدین اسد‌آبادی‎...View Details»