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Sheikh Fazlollah Hanged... 13/11/1908 History
In a meeting against conditional monarchy (Mashrootiyat) that was held in Bagheshah where Mohammad Ali Shah, the Qajar king was residing. Sheikh Fazlo...View Details»

1908 bombardment of the Majlis ... 23/06/1908 History
The 1908 bombardment of the Majlis of Iran took place on 23 June 1908 in Tehran, when the Persian Cossack forces serving the Shah of Persia aided by c...View Details»

Russians Bombard Iranian Parliament... 23/06/1908 History
Russian cannons bombard the national parliament of Iran. After the death of Mozaffaroddin Shah, his son Mohammad Ali Shah started showing teeth to sup...View Details»

Cossack Commander In Charge of Tehran... 22/06/1908 History
In the heat of the Constitutional Monarchy Movement, Mohammad Ali Shah hid himself at Bagheshah fortifications. Unfortunately, the treacherous Shah re...View Details»

First Oil Well Drilled In Masjed Soleyman... 26/05/1908 History
For the first time in Iran, drillings reached oil in the historical city of Masjed Soleyman. At about 360 meters underground, they struck oil. The oil...View Details»

Adana Massacre of Armenian Christians by Ottomans... 14/04/1908 History
The Adana massacre (Armenian: Ադանայի կոտորած, Turkish: Adana İğtişaşı) occurred in the Adana Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire in April 1909. A massacre ...View Details»

Qavamolmolk Assassinated In Shiraz... 07/03/1908 History
Mohammad Reza Qavam also known as Qavamolmolk Shirazi was an influential nobleman opposing the Constitutional Revolution. He was a supporter of the ou...View Details»

Bomb Explosion Near Mohammad Ali Shah's Coach... 28/02/1908 History
Two handmade bombs were thrown at Mohammad Ali Shah's imperial coach. Some of the guards around the carriage were killed but the Shah escaped the assa...View Details»