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Shiraz Blood Libel... 30/10/1910 History
(Wikipedia) - The 1910 Shiraz blood libel was a pogrom of the Jewish quarter in Shiraz, Iran, on October 30, 1910, sparked by accusations that the Jew...View Details»

Qajar Regent Azod al-Molk Dies ... 22/09/1910 People
Ali Reza Khan Azod al-Molk (11 October 1847 - 22 September 1910) was an Iranian politician who acted as regent for the last ruling member of the Qajar...View Details»

Newspapers Banned... 26/05/1910 History
The Prime Minister who was Ahmad Shah's regent ordered a ban on newspapers that criticized the government. The chief editors of these leftist publica...View Details»

Sattar Khan And Bagher Khan Depart For Tehran... 19/03/1910 History
When Tehran was liberated by Bakhtiari and Mojahedin of Gilan, Sattar Khan and other fighters had to seek refugee at the Ottoman embassy in Tabriz. Mo...View Details»