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Serial Killer Asghar Qatel Executed... 27/06/1934 History
While he was being taken to the gallows, Asghar Qatel, the murderer of more than 30 people insisted that his victims were only beggars and wanderers a...View Details»

Negareh: Turkish Media Welcome Reza Shah ... 26/06/1934 Media
Negarkhaneh: Turkish Media Welcome Reza Shah June, 26, 1934: Cumhuriyet Newspaper Welcomes Reza Shah in Persian. Reza Shah was the first leader of a c...View Details»

Reza Shah Visits Turkey... 11/06/1934 History
Reza Shah took off on his only travel to a foreign country on June, 2, 1934. He was accompanied by 17 people, mostly high ranking military officers. ...View Details»