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Reza Shah Dismisses Prime Minister... 01/12/1935 History
Mohammad Ali Foroughi was dismissed from duty by Reza Shah after allegations that he was misusing his authority in favor of relatives. Before becoming...View Details»

Dr. Schacht Visits Tehran... 11/11/1935 History
London newspapers expressed concern after Hjalmar Schacht visited Tehran on Nov, 11, 1935. Reza Shah personally met with this German economist known i...View Details»

Goharshad Mosque rebellion ... 14/07/1935 History
The Goharshad Mosque rebellion or 1935 Goharshad Mosque massacre took place in 1935, when a backlash against the modernizing, secularist policies of R...View Details»

Majlis Tenth Term Begins... 15/06/1935 History
The head of the parliament in an official letter to the government on June, 15, 1935 announced that 3/4 of all deputies attended the assembly on Thurs...View Details»

Persia Shall Be Called Iran... 22/03/1935 History
By decree of Reza Shah Pahlavi, the name of Persia was changed to the name by which that country's natives have always known it, Iran. In reality Pers...View Details»

Shah of Iran Reza Shah Pahlavi formally asks the international communi... 21/03/1935 History
The term Iran derives directly from Middle Persian Ērān, first attested in a third-century inscription at Rustam Relief, with the accompanying Parthia...View Details»