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Foundation of The Ministry of Energy... 17/10/1936 History
Ministry of Energy of Iran was originally founded after a draft bill approved on October 17, 1936 in order to supply electricity in Tehran. On May, 20...View Details»

White Bridge of Ahvaz Completed... 21/09/1936 History
The Ahvaz Bridge later called the White Bridge was officially inaugurated on Sep, 21, 1936. Iran was at the age of infrastructural progress under the ...View Details»

Sheikh Khazal Dies In Custody... 05/08/1936 History
When Majlis rejected to ratify an agreement which gave exclusive oil rights to the British, Percy Loraine became ambassador to Persia. He had served i...View Details»

Inauguration of Veresk Bridge by Reza Shah ... 25/04/1936 History
The Veresk bridge (Persian: پل ورسک) is a masonry arch bridge in northern Iran. It was constructed mostly by Austrians before World War II by leadersh...View Details»

Veresk Bridge Inaugurated... 12/04/1936 History
The Veresk Bridge is a marvel of engineering in Iran. Constructions began in Nov, 1934, and the bridge was constructed mostly by Germans before World ...View Details»

Thrusting U. S. Into Diplomatic Limbo... 31/03/1936 History
Reza Shah Pahlavi, now calling himself the King of Kings ordered the Iranian legation in Washington and the Iranian consulates in Manhattan and Chicag...View Details»

Relations With The U.S.A. Suspended... 16/02/1936 History
Reza Shah ordered suspension of diplomatic relations with the U.S.A. after a senior Iranian diplomat was arrested by the American police. Mr. Ala, hea...View Details»

Reza Shah Bans Hijab... 08/01/1936 History
On Jan, 8, 1936, Reza Shah announced a law regulating attire of Iranians which later became famous as ban on Hijab. It's commonly believed that one o...View Details»