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Julian the Apostate's Persian campaign and death - National Ancient Hi... 26/06/363 History
*** Sassanids stand on Julian the Apostate's corpse. Taq-e_Bostan_-_High-relief_of_Ardeshir_II_investiture Julian the Apostate was the last Roman Empe...View Details»

The Battle Of Samara... 26/06/363 History
After more than 2 years in preparation for a counter-strike against Iran, Julianus Apostata gathered an unprecedented army of 90,000 Franks, Germans, ...View Details»

Battle of Ctesiphon ... 29/05/363 History
The Battle of Ctesiphon took place on May 29, 363 between the armies of Roman Emperor Julian and an army of the Sasanian Empire (during Shapur II's re...View Details»

The Battle Of Ctesiphon (Tisfun)... 26/05/363 History
After the death of Constantinus 2 on Nov, 3, 361, Julianus Apostata proclaimed the sole Emperor of Rome. He spent more than 2 years preparing for an ...View Details»