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Iranian Victory at Battle of the Bridge ... 20/10/634 History
The Battle of the Bridge was fought between Arab Muslims led by Abu Ubaid Thaqfi, and the Persian Sasanian Empire forces led by Bahman Jaduya. It is t...View Details»

Siege of Damascus By Rashidun Caliphate ... 21/08/634 History
The Siege of Damascus (634) lasted from 21 August to 19 September 634 AD before the city fell to the Rashidun Caliphate. Damascus was the first major ...View Details»

Battle of Namaraq... 08/05/634 History
Battle of Namaraq (Arabic: معركة النمارق‎) (634 CE) was a conflict between Muslims and the Sasanians that occurred in Namaraq, near modern-day Kufa (I...View Details»

Battle of Bridge: Sasanian victory over Rashidun Caliphate ... 29/04/634 History
The Battle of the Bridge or the Battle of al-Jisr (Arabic: معركة الجسر‎) was a battle at the bank of the Euphrates river between Arab Muslims led by A...View Details»

Battle of Firaz ... 02/01/634 History
The Battle of Firaz (Arabic: معركة الفراض‎) was the last battle of the Muslim Arab commander Khalid ibn al-Walid in Mesopotamia (Iraq) against the com...View Details»