Temple Of The Jews Inaugurated

Temple Of The Jews Inaugurated...
1host2u.com 01/04/515BC History

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After liberation of Babylon, Jews who had been enslaved and displaced from Jerusalem were freed. The policy of tolerance and understanding towards religious beliefs was very remarkable during the Achaemenid Empire. Cyrus The Great ordered payment of necessary funds to the Jews to rebuild their Temple of Solomon which was destroyed by Assyrians. But there had been opposition from Samarians who wanted the temple to be built in Samaria. This idea had received support from the Satrap of Syria. A messenger was sent to Susa to ask Dariush what to do. Dariush ordered his clerk to search in the archives for an answer. The original order by Cyrus The Great was found in Ecbatana and hence construction of the temple started in Jerusalem. The second temple of the Jews was inaugurated on April, 1, 515.
Another example of such religious tolerance dated back to 518 B.C. when Dariush visited Egypt for the second time, he saw people mourning and learned that Apis had died on Aug, 31st. He ordered search for a new Apis that was found on Nov, 9th.
Recognition of people's freedom of religion is a behavior that has been a key to success of any regime's life expectancy that guarantees their citizens to live in peace.
Achaemenid Empire had a very sophisticated record keeping system although using clay tablets. Such inscriptions made it possible to create archives, some of which have remained intact to-date. It is impossible however, for a civilization to advance ahead of time which is required for less developed societies to catch-up. Invasion of Macedonians, Arabs, and Mongols show that nomadic tribes may advance militarily and destabilize great nations....

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