Baghdad Conquered

Baghdad Conquered... 15/01/946 History, #Abbasi, #Al_Mostakfi, #Baghdad, #Booyeh, #Deylami, #Imam, #Mardaviz, #Mostakfi, #Ottomans, #Parthian, #Sassanid, #Shia, #Tisfun

After nearly 300 years of Caliphates reign, Iranians finally become able to regain Baghdad on Jan, 15, 946. Unfortunately, the original settlement in Tisfun which was once seat of Parthian and Sassanid Empires was destroyed by then. On this day, forces under Ahmad Deylami entered Baghdad and therefore toppled Al Mostakfi, the 22nd Abbasi caliph off his throne.
The victory did not come easy and Ahmad with his two other brothers Ali and Hasan had been fighting for all their lives. The sons of Booyeh were followers of Mardaviz, who was himself a great freedom fighter. The Booyeh accepted the 12 Imam Shia faith as a nationalistic means to reunite all Iranians under one flag. Caliph Al Mostakfi was first pardoned but later he was blinded after trying to organize a counter strike.
In 1534 Ottomans temporarily seized Baghdad....

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