Negareh: Choghazanbil Zigorat Temple Shoosh Khuzestan.jpg

Negareh: Choghazanbil Zigorat Temple Shoosh Khuzestan.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media, #Ashur, #Ashur_Banipal, #Assyrian, #Choghazanbil, #Elamite, #Iran, #Khuzestan, #Negareh, #Shoosh, #Susa, #Zigorat

Choghazanbil Zigorat a temple in Shoosh (Susa), Khuzestan, south west of Iran; remains of the Elamite civilization destroyed by Assyrian conqurer Ashur Banipal in 640 BC.The structure manifests the miraculous progress in architectural techniques. -Keywords: Choghazanbil , Zigorat , Temple , Shoosh , Khuzestan...

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