Bahram 2. Rejects Roman Offer

Bahram 2. Rejects Roman Offer... 28/09/280 History, #Bahram_2, #Iran, #Mediterranean, #Mehregan, #Probus, #Roman, #Rome, #Sassanid, #Shah

The Roman Emperor Probus sent his envoy to Iran offering to share The East between the two empires. The Sassanid king Bahram 2 rejects this offer just before Mehregan festivities. Probus had to deal with revolts and wars all over the vast Roman empire, thus he sought peace with Iranians for the time. Bahram 2 insisted that the Romans should not pass the Mediterranean under any condition. The Roman envoy was accompanied with Shah's secretary to Rome to deliver the message which also declared Shah's willingness for peace with Romans. Although for a very short period of time, the two empires lived in peace until Probus was assassinated in 282....

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