Aseman Air Crash Kills 66

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Iran Aseman Airlines Flight 746 was a Fokker F-28 flight that operated on the Isfahan-Tehran route. The flight crashed near the town of Natanz on October 12, 1994, killing all the passengers and crew members.
On October 12, 1994, the flight took off from the Isfahan International Airport towards the Mehrabad Airport of Tehran. Flight 746 had 59 passengers and seven crew members on board but 35 minutes after the take-off, both engines lost power and shut down. The aircraft went into an un-controlled descent. 47 seconds later Flight 746 crashed into the side of a mountain and exploded. The wreckage was found over an area of 300 sq. meters near the town of Natanz. All 66 passengers and crew died in the crash.
It was later assessed that the aircraft crashed after both engines flamed out due to contaminated fuel....

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