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War Starts With Romans... 12/05/420 History
Theodosius II the Roman emperor started a war with Iranians that lasted for 2 years. Before the war, the best Roman garrison was appointed to seize De...View Details»

Sasanian reconquest of Yemen... 12/05/578 History
The Sasanian reconquest of Yemen took place in 575 or 578 after Aksumite men killed Sayf ibn Dhi Yazan after a reign of some four years and took contr...View Details»

Doctor Heshmat of Jungle Movement Executed ... 12/05/1919 History
Dr. Ebrahim Heshmat ol Atebba Talequani (also Dr. Heshmat-e Taleghani) (Persian: ابراهیم حشمت الاطبا طالقانی) was an Iranian physician and one of Mirz...View Details»

Iran Newspaper Cockroach Cartoon Controversy... 12/05/2006 History
(Wikipedia) - The cockroach cartoon controversy of Iran weekly magazine arose over a cartoon, published in the Iranian holiday-magazine of Iran-e-jome...View Details»

Simurgh, the Mysterious Giant Healing Bird in Iranian Mythology ... 12/05/2018 History
11 May, 2018 - 15:31 MartiniF Simorgh, the Mysterious Giant Healing Bird in Iranian Mythology The image of the serpent is widely acknowledg...View Details»