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Balash I Dies... 30/07/77 History
Balash I, the wise Parthian king died on July, 30, 77 A.D. after 25 years of reign. One year before his death, Balash had ordered collection and compi...View Details»

Ottomans Give Battle To Iranians... 30/07/1745 History
Information arrived that a vast Turkish army was marching by the way of Erzurum with more troops hastening through Diyarbakir to join them with all th...View Details»

Mexico: The Tlatelolco Massacre of 1968... 30/07/1968 History
Sarah Stone The Mexico of 1968 showed every indication of being the most modern nation in Latin America. President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz oversaw a countr...View Details»

July 2010 Iran earthquake... 30/07/2010 History
(Wikipedia) - On July 30, 2010 a 5.6 magnitude earthquake occurred in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran. Iranian media reported at least 170 people were...View Details»

400-yr-old Persian oasis of MP may get world heritage site status... 30/07/2017 History
By NATH CHOUDHURY Published : Jul 30, 2017, 2:54 A Unesco team has visited the district headquarters town of Burhanpur to study the medieval period fa...View Details»