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Shahr-i-Sokhta in eastern Iran features The World in Between ... 06/11/2015 History
by Andrew Lawler 5,000 years ago, a long-buried society in the Iranian desert helped shape the first urban age Even local archaeologists with the ben...View Details»

Excavations in Hormozgan unearth early orthography ... 11/01/2015 History
Excavations in Hormozgan unearth early orthography BANDAR ABBAS, Jan. 11 (MNA) – Director General of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Hormozgan has an...View Details»

Burnt City, cultural gate of Sistan-o Balouchestan to world... 25/10/2014 History
Zahedan, Oct 24, IRNA – Governor General of Sistan-o Balouchestan province said here Thursday international registration of ancient Burnt City equale...View Details»

Archaeologists find bizarre burials in Iran ... 01/08/2014 History
A 10-centimetre-long ruler with an accuracy of half a millimetre, an artificial eyeball, and an earthenware bowl bearing the world's oldest example of...View Details»

Archaeologists Find Bizarre Burials in Burnt City ... 25/07/2014 Culture
An archaeological team, which has been assigned to reconstruct the ancient society of the 5200-year-old Burnt City in a new research project, have fo...View Details»

Oldest and First Animation in the world at burnt city ~ Up Up and Aw... 08/07/2014 History
Iran, Burnt City is one of the most important prehistoric sites of the country which was well developed during the third millennium BCE. Spreading ov...View Details»

5,000-Year-Old \'Golden Eye\' Found on Iran-Afghan Border -- Secret Hi... 31/07/2013 News
Quigleys Cabinet The world\'s earliest prosthetic eye was worn by an ancient Persian priestess. The female soothsayer stood 6\' (1.82m) tall, and the ...View Details»

Assyrians Destroy Susa... 17/04/647BC History
The notorious army of Ashur Banipal captured Susa and razed it to ground. The Assyrians had built a very strong army that ruled over a vast area witho...View Details»