Negareh: Sassanid Queen Pourandokht Coin.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
Sassanid Queen Pourandokht Coin. Pourandokht was the 31st Sassanid ruler. She was the daughter of Khosrau Parviz was chosen by the Mehestan to succee...View Details»

Constitutional Monarchy Approved... 27/07/1906 History
It's a matter of debate which event really instigated the Constitutional Monarchy Movement but incapability and incompetence of Qajar kings was leadin...View Details»

Siege of Ctesiphon/ Tisfun... 03/03/637 History
The Siege of Ctesiphon took place from January to March, 637 between the forces of Sassanid Empire and Rashidun Caliphate. Ctesiphon, located on the e...View Details»

Defeat of Chinese Forces In Transoxiana... 14/02/102 History
The Chinese Khaghan Vadi sent 40,000 units to Transoxiana knowing that Iranians were busy fighting the Romans. The invasion was encountered by local f...View Details»

Balash I Dies... 30/07/77 History
Balash I, the wise Parthian king died on July, 30, 77 A.D. after 25 years of reign. One year before his death, Balash had ordered collection and compi...View Details»

Balash Was Elected King... 05/04/52 History
Balash was elected king from among many rival princes by Mehestan. Balash chose his brother Tirdad as the king of Armenia. This action angered the Rom...View Details»

Vonones 2.Becomes King Of Parthia... 12/09/51 History
Goodarz 2 was the 20th Parthian king who reigned from 40 A.D. for eleven years. After the death of his father King Artabanus 2, Goodarz had to fight t...View Details»

Artabanus 3. Becomes King... 20/04/9 History
The Iranian senate Mehestan elected Artabanus 3 who was relative to Ashk I by his mother as the new king. During Parthian dynasty, Kingdom was not nec...View Details»

Iran Takes Syria Back From Romans... 08/08/40BC History
After crushing the Roman army, Iran took back Syria. The Iranian army then proceeded and liberated Palestine. After the Roman senate declared war on I...View Details»

Mithridates III of Parthia Dethroned ... 11/09/56BC History
Mithridates III of Parthia (Persian: مهرداد سوم) ruled the Parthian Empire c. 57–54 BC. On account of his cruelty, the tyrant king Mithridates III wa...View Details»