Negareh: Iraq Baghdad Qadesiya Swords.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
The Arc of Triumph also called the Swords of Qadisiyah opened to the public on August 8, 1989, it's is an allusion to the historical Battle of Qadesiy...View Details»

Negareh: Iraq Baghdad Qadesiya Helmets American Soldier.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
American Soldier posing with Helmets belonging to Iranian martyrs during the Iran-Iraq war in Baghdad's swords of Qadesiya monument. US ambassador in ...View Details»

Iranian Response To Al-Qadesiya... 28/03/1982 History
The Iraqi Army staged a surprise attack on Iran on September, 22, 1980. In order to destroy the Iranian air force on the ground, Iraq launched numerou...View Details»

The Battle Of Nahavand... 20/02/641 History
Following the decisive defeat at the Battle of Qadesiya, the Sassanid Empire began disintegrating. Yazdgerd 3 somehow succeeded in gathering an army. ...View Details»

Siege of Ctesiphon/ Tisfun... 03/03/637 History
The Siege of Ctesiphon took place from January to March, 637 between the forces of Sassanid Empire and Rashidun Caliphate. Ctesiphon, located on the e...View Details»

The Battle Of Qadesiya... 27/09/635 History
The battle of Qadesiya was a decisive victory for the Muslim Arabs in 14 AH in the time of Caliph Omar. Qadesiya was a small village by Euphrates near...View Details»

Yazdgerd 3.Ascends The Throne... 16/06/632 History
Yazdgerd 3 was the 35th and the last king of the Sassanid Dynasty. His father was Shahriar whose mother was Miriam, the daughter of the Byzantine Empe...View Details»