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Abbasi Definition

Dynasty of caliphs who ruled an Islamic empire from Baghdad (750 to 1258 )Abbasid dynasty was he second of the two great Sunni dynasties of the Islamic Caliphate.The Abbasids took their name from an uncle of the Prophet Muhammad, al-Abbas, whose descendants formed one of several groups agitating for change under the Omavi dynasty. The Omavi enforcement of a brand of Arab chauvinism, wherein non-Arab Muslims were relegated to a lower status, led to a revolution in which the Abbasids claimed the Caliphate and enforced a more universal community of believers. This was symbolized by their movement of the caliphal capital from Damascus to Baghdad, an area closer to the geographic centre of the empire and nearer the Persian hinterland. Under their rule, Islamic culture flourished, new heights in philosophy and science were attained, and the period was widely seen as the "golden age" of the Islamic world. During that time, however, the Caliphate's authority slowly began to erode as regional power centres developed throughout the empire. Although central authority was intermittently reasserted by strong-willed caliphs, by the 13th century Abbasid authority was largely spiritual. The last Abbasid caliph was executed by Mongol invaders, but a shadow Caliphate (of dubious authenticity) continued into the early 20th century.List of Abbasid Caliphs ruling in Baghdad.• Al-Mansour 754 – 775• Al-Mehdi 775 – 785• Al-Hadi 785 – 786• Harun al-Rashid 786 – 809• Al-Amin 809 – 813• Al-Mamun 813 – 833• Al-Motasem 833 – 842• Al-Wathiq 842 – 847• Al- Motevakkel 847 – 861• Al-Montaser 861 – 862• Al-Mostain 862 – 866• Al-Motazz 866 – 869• Al-Mohtadi 869 – 870• Al-Motamed 870 – 892• Al-Mutazed 892 – 902• Al-Moktafi 902 – 908• Al-Moqtader 908 – 932• Al-Qahir 932 – 934• Ar-Radi 934 – 940• Al-Mottaqi 940 – 944• Al-Mostakfi 944 – 946• Al-Muti 946 – 974• At-Tai 974 – 991• Al-Qadir 991 – 1031• Al-Qaem 1031–1075• Al-Moqtadi 1075–1094• Al-Mustazhir 1094–1118• Al-Mustarshid 1118–1135• Al-Rashid 1135–1136• Al-Muqtafi 1136–1160• Al-Mustanjid 1160–1170• Al-Mustadi 1170–1180• An-Nasir 1180–1225• Az-Zahir 1225–1226• Al-Mustansir 1226–1242• Al-Musta'sim 1242–1258 (Wikipedia) - Abbasi
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Abbasi (Arabic: عباسي‎) or ''Abbasids'', are a prominent Islamic Arabic family. It is a clan of Banu Hashim Al Quraysh of Arabia. They once also formed a ruling Muslim dynasty (see Abbasid Caliphate). Abbasis dwell in Muree, parts of Kahuta and Abbottabad besides Bahawalur on Pakistan.Kalhoro in Sindh are also Abbasi,which are one of true clan of Abbasi in Pakistan

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