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باقر خان

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The's not much information about Bagher Khan's life before joining the Constitutional movement other than he was a mason. He later became a prominent figure who fought against Qajar despotism alongside Sattar Khan. (Wikipedia) - Bāqer Khān   (Redirected from Bagher Khan)
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Bāqer Khān Born Died Religion
1870 Tabriz, Iran
November 12, 1911 (aged 41) Qasr-e Shirin, Iran
Twelver Shi''a Islam

Bağır Xan (1870, Tabriz - November 12, 1911, Persian: باقرخان‎), honorarily titled Sālār-e Melli (Persian: سالار ملی meaning National Leader), was one of the key figures in the Persian Constitutional Revolution. He was of Azeri origin.

Tomb of Bāqer Khān in Toobaeyye cemetery, Tabriz

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