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- Hojatoleslam Mohammad Javad Bahonar (5 September 1933 Kerman – 30 August 1981) was an Iranian scholar, Shia cleric and politician who served as the Prime Minister of Iran from 15 to 30 August 1981 when he was assassinated by MKO terrorist group. It was only after the revolution that he became a founding member of the Islamic Republic party and an original member of the Council of Revolution of Iran. He was chosen as the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance under PM Mohammad Ali Rajayi in March 1981, and continued efforts to purge Iranian universities of secular influences, in what became known as the Islamic Cultural Revolution.When Rajayi became President on 4 August 1981, he chose Bahonar as his prime minister.After Mohammad Beheshti was assassinated on 28 June 1981, Bahonar became the secretary-general of the Islamic Republic party, but he didn't last long in that position, nor in the position of Prime Minister, as he was assassinated after less than two months in these offices, along with Rajayi and other party leaders, when a bomb exploded at PM office in Tehran. The assassin was identified as Masood Keshmiri, an operative of MKO, who had infiltrated the Prime Minister's office in the guise of a state security official. (Wikipedia) - Bahonar

Bahonar (Persian: باهنر‎) may refer to either of two Iranian politicians, who are brothers:

  • Mohammad Javad Bahonar, the Prime Minister of Iran assassinated in 1981
  • Mohammad Reza Bahonar, the current Deputy Speaker of Majlis of Iran
  • Bahonar is also an Iranian placename.
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