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Dutch Definition

Dutch usually refers to: Something from or related to the Netherlands (Wikipedia) - Dutch
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Dutch usually refers to:

  • Dutch people, people from the Netherlands or their descendants
  • Dutch language, spoken in Aruba, Belgium, Curaçao, the Netherlands, Saint Maarten, and Suriname
  • Something from or related to the Netherlands

Dutch may also refer to:

  • 1 People
  • 2 Sports
  • 3 Other uses
  • 4 See also
  • Dutch (nickname), a list of people
  • Johnny Dutch (born 1989), American hurdler
  • Dutch Savage, ring name of professional wrestler and promoter Frank Stewart
  • Bird''s Opening, also known as the Dutch attack, a chess opening
  • Dutch Defence, another chess opening
  • Dutch Grand Prix, a former Formula One car race
  • Dutch Open (disambiguation)
  • Dutch TT, a motorcycle race, part of the MotoGP World Championship
  • Central Dutch, nickname of college athletic teams of Central College, Pella, Iowa
Other uses
  • Dutch (film), a 1991 American comedy starring Ed O''Neill
  • Dutch, the magazine, a magazine in English about the Netherlands and the Dutch
  • Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan, a 1999 biography with fictional elements by Edmund Morris
  • Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, protagonist of the film Predator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Dutch Wagenbach, fictional character on the TV series The Shield

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