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Ilam Definition

(Wikipedia) - Ilam

Ilam may refer to:

  • Ilam Province, Iran
    • Ilam County, Iran
      • Ilam, Iran, city, capital of Ilam Province and Ilam County
  • Ilam, Nepal, municipality and tea-producing town in Nepal
    • Ilam District, Nepal
  • Ilam, New Zealand, a suburb of Christchurch
    • Ilam (New Zealand electorate), a parliamentary electorate
    • Ilam School of Fine Arts of the University of Canterbury at Ilam
  • Ilam, Staffordshire, a village in England
    • Ilam Park, a National Trust property in Ilam, Staffordshire
  • Ilam, Swat, Pakistan
  • Eelam, also spelled Ilam, a Tamil name for Sri Lanka
  • International Library of African Music
  • Instituto Latinoamericano de Museos

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