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ايران آروين

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(Wikipedia) - Iran Arvin Iran Arvin(شركت ايران آروين) Type Founded Headquarters Area served Key people Products Employees Website
Construction & Engineering
Tehran, Iran
Gholamreza Eshghipoor
Gas & Oil & Water Pipeline & petrochemical& refinery & industries

Iran Arvin (شركت ايران آروين) is an Iranian Construction & Engineering company.


Iran Arvin was established in 1983 by a group of engineers and professionals from different backgrounds in the public sector, private industry, and academia. Since its creation, the company has become known as one of Iran''s leading firms in the industrial sector. With a workforce of 250 permanent engineers and specialists along with an average 2,500 construction personnel, Iran Arvin cooperates extensively with international engineering companies, and sees the application of the most current international standards as its overarching priority.

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