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Phoenix Definition

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Phoenix most often refers to:

Phoenix or The Phoenix may also refer to:

  • 1 Mythology
  • 2 Places
  • 3 Media and entertainment
    • 3.1 Comics
    • 3.2 Theatres
    • 3.3 Film
    • 3.4 Broadcasters
    • 3.5 Television
    • 3.6 Fictional entities
    • 3.7 Literature
    • 3.8 Music
      • 3.8.1 Musicians
      • 3.8.2 Albums
    • 3.9 Periodicals
    • 3.10 Sports
    • 3.11 Video games
  • 4 Astronomy and space exploration
  • 5 Computing
  • 6 Education
  • 7 Military
  • 8 Plants and animals
  • 9 Ships
  • 10 Other transportation
  • 11 Other uses
  • 12 See also
  • Fenghuang, the Asian phoenix
  • Phoenix (son of Amyntor), a Trojan War hero in Greek mythology
  • Phoenix (son of Agenor), a Greek mythological figure
  • Phoenix Park, Dublin
  • Phoenix Islands
  • Vacoas-Phoenix
South Africa
  • Phoenix, Durban
United States Media and entertainment Comics
  • Phoenix (comics), alias used by several comics characters
  • Phoenix (manga) (Hi no Tori), by Osamu Tezuka
  • Phoenix Force (comics), a Marvel Comics entity
  • The Phoenix (comics), a weekly British comics anthology
Theatres Film
  • Fushichō (English: Phoenix), a 1947 film by Keisuke Kinoshita
  • The Phoenix (1959 film), by Robert Aldrich
  • Phoenix (1998 film), a crime film by Danny Cannon
  • Phoenix (2006 film), a gay-related film by Michael Akers
Broadcasters Television
  • The Phoenix (1982 TV series), an American science fiction series
  • Phoenix (TV series), an Australian police drama
  • Phoenix (2004 TV series), a Korean drama
  • "Phoenix", the 1986 premiere episode of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
  • "The Phoenix", a 1995 episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
  • "Phoenix", a 2003 episode of Smallville
  • "Phoenix" (Breaking Bad), a 2009 episode of Breaking Bad
  • "Phoenix" (NCIS), a 2012 episode of NCIS
Fictional entities
  • Phoenix Ikki, a Saint Seiya character
  • Simon Phoenix, a Demolition Man character
  • Phoenix (Star Trek), a spacecraft
  • Phoenix (Stargate), a starship
  • Phoenix (Transformers)
  • Aster Phoenix (or Edo Phoenix), a Yu-Gi-Oh! GX character
  • Phoenix Raynor, a Shortland Street character
  • Phoenix Wright (character), an Ace Attorney character
  • Jean Grey, aka Phoenix or Dark Phoenix, an X-Men character
  • Phoenix Foundation (MacGyver)
  • Phoenix Organization, an organization in John Doe
  • Stefano DiMera, aka The Phoenix, a Days of our Lives character
  • Order of the Phoenix (fiction), a secret society in Harry Potter.
  • Phoenix: The Posthumous Papers of D. H. Lawrence (1885–1930), an anthology of work by D. H. Lawrence
  • Phoenix (novel), by Stephen Brust
  • Phoenix Books, a publisher
  • The Phoenix, a play by Morgan Spurlock
  • The Phoenix, a poem attributed to Lactantius
  • The Phoenix (novel), by Henning Boëtius
  • The Phoenix (Old English poem)
  • The Phoenix (play), by Thomas Middleton
  • Phoenix Force, a novel series
  • Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames, by Leonard Herman
  • List of songs named for the phoenix
  • Phoenix (record producer) (born 1985), American producer
  • Dave "Phoenix" Farrell, American musician in the band Linkin Park
  • Phoenix (band), a French alternative rock band
  • Transsylvania Phoenix, a Romanian rock band
  • Phoenix (Agathodaimon album)
  • Phoenix (Asia album)
  • Phoenix (Breaking Pangaea album)
  • Phoenix (Carpark North album)
  • Phoenix (Clan of Xymox album)
  • Phoenix (Dan Fogelberg album)
  • Phoenix (Dreamtale album)
  • Phoenix (EP), by The Warlocks
  • Phoenix (Emil Bulls album)
  • Phoenix (Everything in Slow Motion album)
  • Phoenix (Grand Funk Railroad album)
  • Phoenix (Just Surrender album)
  • Phoenix (Labelle album)
  • Phoenix (Pink Turns Blue album), by Pink Turns Blue
  • Phoenix (The Classic Crime album)
  • Phoenix (The Warlocks album)
  • Phoenix (Vince Bell album)
  • Phoenix (Zebrahead album)
  • The Phoenix (Lyfe Jennings album)
  • The Phoenix (Mastercastle album)
  • The Phoenix (Raghav album)
  • List of periodicals named Phoenix
  • Phoenix Finance, a Formula One entrant
  • Phoenix International Raceway
  • Phoenix, annual sports festival at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka
  • Beth Phoenix (born 1980), American wrestler
  • List of sports teams named for the phoenix
Video games
  • Phoenix (game engine)
  • Phoenix (video game)
Astronomy and space exploration
  • EADS Phoenix, a prototype launch vehicle
  • Phoenix Cluster, a galaxy cluster
  • Phoenix (constellation)
  • Phoenix Dwarf, a galaxy
  • Phoenix (spacecraft), a NASA mission to Mars
  • Project Phoenix (SETI), a search for extraterrestrial intelligence
  • Phoenix (compiler framework)
  • Phoenix (computer), an IBM mainframe
  • Phoenix Network Coordinates
  • Phoenix Object Basic, a RAD tool
  • Phoenix Technologies, a BIOS manufacturer
  • Mozilla Phoenix, a web browser introduced in 2004
  • Phoenix, a web browser and HTML editor discontinued in 1995
  • Phoenix, an image editor in Aviary
  • The Phoenix – S K Club, a Final Club at Harvard College
  • University of Phoenix, United States
  • Phoenix Academy (disambiguation)
  • AIM-54 Phoenix, a missile
  • BAE Systems Phoenix, an unmanned air vehicle
  • HMT-302 ("Phoenix"), a U.S. Marine Corps helicopter squadron
  • Phoenix breakwaters, a set of WWII caissons
  • Phoenix Program, a Vietnam War military operation
  • Project Phoenix (South Africa), a National Defence Force program
Plants and animals
  • Phoenix (chicken)
  • Phoenix (grape)
  • Phoenix (moth)
  • Phoenix (plant), a genus of palms
  • Great Argus, a pheasant
  • Phoenix (Alaska), the first ship built in Russian America
  • Phoenix (boat), a steamboat built 1806-1807
  • Phoenix (1785), an East Indiaman that conducted six voyages to India between 1786 and 1802
  • Phoenix (1792), a ship involved in the sea otter trade
  • Phoenix (1798), performed one voyage to India for the British East India Company between 1798 and 1800, and then as a merchant vessel was damaged in 1824 and turned into a prison hulk in Sydney
  • Phoenix (fireboat), operating in San Francisco, California
  • Phoenix (of London), a whaling ship
  • Phoenix (tall ship), a Danish ship built in 1929
  • Phoenix (whaler), a Nantucket whaling vessel in operation 1821–1858
  • USCS Phoenix, a U.S. Coast Survey ship in service from 1845 to 1858
  • Phoenix, a ship involved in the Siege of Derry
  • HMS Phoenix, the name of several Royal Navy ships
  • USS Phoenix, the name of several U.S. Navy ships
Other transportation
  • Bristol Phoenix, an aircraft engine
  • Chrysler Phoenix engine, an automotive engine series
  • Dodge Dart Phoenix, an American car produced 1960–1961
  • Dodge Phoenix, Australian car produced 1960–1973
  • Phoenix (ATC), an air traffic control system
  • Phoenix (bicycles)
  • Phoenix (British automobile company), an early 1900s company
  • Phoenix LRT Station, Singapore
  • Phoenix Motorcars, a manufacturer of electric vehicles
  • Phoenix Venture Holdings, owner of the MG Rover Group
  • Pontiac Phoenix, an American car produced 1977–1984
Other uses
  • Atlanta from the Ashes (The Phoenix), an Atlanta, Georgia, monument
  • Fénix capsules, rescue equipment used after the 2010 Copiapó mining accident
  • Greek phoenix, a unit of currency
  • Phoenix codes, radio shorthand used by British police
  • Phoenix (roller coaster)
  • Phoenix Fire Office former British insurance company
  • The Phoenix Patrol Challenge, a Scoutcraft competition
  • Phoenix, a Looping Starship ride at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
  • Phoenix AG, German rubber products company
  • Phoenix company, a commercial entity which has emerged from the collapse of another through insolvency
  • Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc., a Philippine oil and gas company

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