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Rey means "king" in Spanish and Occitan, derived from the Latin rex. It is used as a surname throughout the world. It is also used as a given name for both males and females, sometimes as an alternative to Raymond. It is also referred as friend in Telugu.

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People with the given name Rey
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  • Domingo Rey d''Harcourt, Spanish military officer
  • Rey Bucanero, the ring name of wrestler Arturo García Ortiz
  • Rey Galang, Filipino martial artist
  • Rey Maualuga, American college football player
  • Rey Mysterio Jr., the ring name of wrestler Oscar Gutierrez
  • Rey Misterio, the ring name of wrestler Miguel Ángel López Díaz
  • Rey Pagtakhan, Canadian parliamentarian
  • Rey Quiñones, Puerto Rican baseball player
  • Rey Ruiz, Cuban singer
  • Rey Sánchez, Puerto Rican baseball player
  • Rey Valera, Filipino musician
  • Rej Volpato, Italian footballer
  • Rey Washam, American drummer
  • Rey Angelo Mina, Filipino Football Player
People with the surname Rey
  • Alain Rey, French linguist, lexicographer and radio personality
  • Alain Rey (ski mountaineer), Swiss ski mountaineer
  • Alejandro Rey, Argentine actor
  • Alexandre Rey (born 22 September 1972) a former Swiss footballer
  • Alvino Rey, American musician
  • André Rey, French professional football goalkeeper
  • André Rey, Swiss psychologist
  • Anthony Rey, French Jesuit
  • Barret Rey, American college baseball coach
  • Fernando Rey, the stage name of Spanish-born actor Fernando Casado D''Arambillet
  • Gabriel Venance Rey, French general of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars
  • Hans Rey, German cyclist
  • H.A. Rey and Margret Rey, authors of the Curious George series of children''s books
  • Micheline Calmy-Rey, Swiss politician
  • Jean-Baptiste Rey (1734-1810), French conductor and composer
  • Jean Rey (politician), Belgian Liberal politician, former president of the European Commission
  • Jean Rey (physician),French physician and chemist
  • Jean-Yves Rey, Swiss ski mountaineer
  • José Manuel Rey, Venezuelan football player
  • Julio Rey, Spanish marathon runner
  • Louis Emmanuel Rey, French general of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars
  • Luis Rey, Spanish-Mexican artist and Led Zeppelin expert
  • Nicholas Andrew Rey United States ambassador
  • Paola Rey, Colombian actress
  • Robert Rey, plastic surgeon and subject of Dr. 90210 reality television show
  • Tony Rey (musician), American guitarist
  • Willy Rey, Playboy Playmate of the Month, February 1971
Fictional characters named Rey
  • Samandahl Rey comic book character
  • Rey Yan (Chronicles of the Cursed sword) anime character
  • Rey Za Burrel Gundam anime character
  • Rey Curtis, Law & Order detective, played by Benjamin Bratt
Places Other uses
  • Rey (film), an Indian film
  • The Rey Commission of the European Union
  • Ulmus ''Golden Rey'', a variant of Chinese Elm tree
  • Cristo Rey (disambiguation), "Christ the King"
  • Rey Miguel brand of premium cigars
  • Rey-Swimline made by actress Jessica Rey
  • Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure, a psychological test created by André Rey
  • Rey Productions Games Developers
  • Marina del Rey, title of a song by US country music artist George Strait
  • Rey (band), a Japanese band who perform theme songs
  • Corey Lewis, a comic book creator also known as "Rey"

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