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Varamin Definition

Varamin is a city located 25km south of Tehran.Varamin has an extensive history. The raiding of Rhagae by the invading Mongols and Teimurid generated a flux of migrations to this area.Among the relics of antiquity of Varamin one can mention the mausoleum of Imamzadeh Yahya built in the 14th century, and the Ilkhanate Mosque, from the era of the Abu Saeed. (Wikipedia) - Varamin For the administrative subdivision, see Varamin County. For the village in Kerman Province, see Varamin, Kerman. "Varna, Iran" redirects here. For the village named Varna in Isfahan Province, see Varna, Isfahan. Varamin ورامين Country Province County Bakhsh Population (2006)  • Total Time zone  • Summer (DST) Area code(s)
Masjed-i Varamin, a mosque built in the 1320s, is a construction of the Ilkhanid era. Picture taken in 1933 by Robert Byron
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Varamin (Persian: ورامين‎, also Romanized as Varāmīn and Verāmin; anciently known as Varna and Varena) is a city in and the capital of Varamin County, Tehran Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 208,569, in 53,639 families.

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Varamin is believed to be the ancient city of Varena, which is mentioned in Avesta.

The fourteenth of the good lands and countries which I, Ahura Mazda, created, was the four-cornered Varena, for which was born Thraetaona, who smote Azi Dahaka.

—Vendidad, Avesta

The huge four-cornered Citadel near the city is known as Citadel of Īraj by locals, Īraj was son of Thraetaona and that improves the city''s relation to the ancient Varena.

The Four-cornered Citadel of Varamin as seen by Jane Dieulafoy

Varamin has an extensive history. The raiding of Ray by the invading Mongols and Timurids, generated a flux of migrations to this area.

Included amongst the significant antiquities of Varamin are the mausoleum of Imamzadeh Yahya built in the 14th century, and the Jameh Mosque of Varamin, from the era of the Ilkhanid Abu Saeed.

Industries Sugar Refinery FactoryThe Sugar Refinery Factory

Varamin Sugar Refinery Factory was built in 1934-1935 by Nikolai Markov and is the very first Sugar Refinery Factory in Iran and Middle East. In recent years it''s produce has been reduced because of shortage in ingredients.,

Oil-extracting factory

Varamin Oil-extracting factory was built in 1938-1939 and is the first producer of Vegetable oil in Iran.

Handcrafts Carpets and RugsFor more information see: Varamin Carpet

Carpets and Rugs of Varamin are among most famous carpets in the world. Many Rug and Carpet experts see Varamins as purer Persian Carpets., They have geometric patterns with repeated medallions, especially on runners. They are made by tribal people who either live in or pass by Varamin.

Colleges and universities Islamic Azad University

Islamic Azad University Varamin-Pishva Branch was established in 1985. this Branch has more 86 different majors and capacity of 15000 students.

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